Steps to get a temporary cell number

Having a temporary cell number is a smart way to protect your privacy. It is quite handy in situations like blind dates, verification for signing up for any services, or SMS code verification for free trials. 

You can have a temporary number via a mobile application on your cell phone or through a Wi-Fi connection. Skype and Google voice are easy options for having temporary cell numbers kept for a long period. You can also get prepaid cell phones.

Another easy option available is; temporary sim cards.

Keeping it in simple words, you can avail, for yourself, of the facility of a temporary cell number in two ways – use a virtual phone number or buy a temporary phone or sim cards.

Virtual cell number

Go for a Free Inward Bound SMS Confirmation Service

If you want a temporary number for an SMS confirmation code to register an account or service, there are many ways. There are many free services which provide phone numbers without registration. But the only problem is that the text message received by you is easily accessible to anyone using the website. It is ok to receive any confirmation code but a big no for your personal messaging.

Note: Always use a registered mobile number for the money confirmation code.

Temporary Number Mobile Application, using smartphones

Many mobile apps offer you to make calls and send texts virtually. And once you are done using the number, it allows you to burn the number.

Some apps offer limited free calls and SMS and charge for any additional use. So, it is advisable to read the guidelines, terms, and conditions before signing up on any apps. This article by CrunchyTricks allows you to get disposable phone numbers for free. 

Following are the option you can try-

  • Hushed is a paid service that allows you even to make international calls at an affordable price.
  • Skype is a very good option; it offers a temporary number across 25 countries. You can make and receive calls and text messages at low rates.
  • The Burner is a popular choice available on both Android and iPhones. You can make and receive calls and text messages using The Burner. However, it is not a free service but allows seven-day free trials to the service. You can use the trial period and cancel the service before that.
  • Google voice does not cater to a temporary number. But you can send and receive texts and calls from a number that is not yours.

Go for Text plus free SMS service:

Text plus is a good option if you want to send and receive text messages without using your registered number. It is available for free in the Google play store and Apple play store as well. For calls, it charges 2 cents for one minute. You can start using it with a Wi-Fi connection also. Install this app for amazing services. 

How can you use Text plus?

1. Open the app and sign up with your email address.

2. Go to Settings

3. Scroll to the bottom.

4. Find and click on the option “Get a free Text Plus number.”

5. A free US cell number is generated.

Ask your friend for one-time help: 

If you need to receive a one-time message confirmation, it is the quickest way to ask a friend to help you. No one to help out, don’t worry. The subreddit/r/phone verification is there to help people to complete the verification process. 

Here you can create a post that explains what you want (along with the amount you are willing to pay) or responds to other’s posts. However, use this option at your own risk as you are not sure whether the service is legit.

Prepaid sim/cell

Go for prepaid cell number

For a quick, easy temporary cell number, you can purchase a temporary cell phone from any phone store. These are called burner phones and available at cheaper rates. 

You need to follow the instructions for the activation, usually calling service providers from a landline or visiting the website. Again, no personal information is required.

Temporary Sim card

You can buy a temporary SIM card instead of a burner phone. You have to open your phone, replace the sim card with the existing one. 

To activate it, send the number indicated on the temporary sim card. Then, you use it until your data or minutes allotted in the card get over. Get more information with TravelSim if you want international roaming on data and calls. 

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