6 Iron Entry Doors Atlanta Has Been Loving Lately

Georgia has a lot to offer the nation. The “Empire State of the South” is home to a bustling lifestyle. Residents from all across the state and the rest of the country flock to the state capital, Atlanta, for its wonderful attractions — aquariums, botanical gardens, and historic sites. Atlanta is a must-visit place in the US. Maybe that’s also the reason that Metro Atlanta has the fourth fastest-growing population in the United States. 

It was estimated that more than 280,000 people had moved to Georgia in 2019 — many of them seeking residence in the Metro Atlanta area. For new homeowners in Atlanta, here’s a comprehensive list of the best iron entry door styles that are highly in fashion in Atlanta. Use this list to pick a stunning iron entry door and stand out among the crowd!

Choosing an Iron Entry Door

The choice of an entry iron door depends on several factors. Firstly, determine the space you have and the size of door you can afford to install in that space. Secondly, determine the location and choose how durable and sturdy of an entry door you’ll need (iron doors and steel doors are your best bet!). Finally, choose a stunning color and door style to match the rest of your home décor!

  1. Single Flat Iron Door

If your space is limited, then you can opt for a single flat iron door. These iron entry doors have been a massively popular choice among Atlanta homeowners for ages. Homeowners looking to save up on space but still go for a classy style most often choose this iron entry door. These doors come with glass pane compartments that give your home entrance a chic look.

  1. Double Flat Iron Door

An even more popular choice than the single flat iron entry doors are the double flat iron entry doors. For homes that are comparatively larger and more spacious, double flat iron entry doorsare the better choice. They give off a bold statement for your home and are sure to make it stand out!

  1. Iron Entry Door with Sidelights 

Speaking of space, Atlanta homeowners have been loving their entry door upgrades! The best way to brighten up an otherwise not-so-special iron entry door is to add some sidelights to it. There are several options you have when it comes to sidelights. You can install an iron entry door with sidelight at only one side (left or right) or on both for a more cohesive look. The most common iron entry doors in Atlanta are found with sidelights on both sides.

  1. Full Arch Iron Door

All the doors mentioned above come with flat tops that follow a straight line. On the contrary, a popular choice in Atlanta is iron entry doors with arches. 

A full arch iron entry door consists of a half circle full arch at the top — while a mini arch iron door consists of a smaller arch. The rounded arch reflects a combination of vintage and modern entry door styles. A double iron entry door with glass panes and a full arch is a very popular entry door choice in Atlanta.

  1. Iron Entry Door with Top Transom

Another way to spice up your Atlanta home’s iron entry door— apart from sidelights — is to add a transom above it. An iron entry door with a top transom not only adds an extra flair to your home entrance but also serves a great function. A transom allows more sunlight to flow inside your home than it would without one which makes these entry doors a great choice for the approaching winters!

  1. Dutch Iron Entry Doors

If you want to get a little funky with your home entrance (like a few trendy Atlanta residents do), then go for a Dutch iron entry door! A Dutch iron door is a unique style of entry door you’ll find in Atlanta. Its bi-split aesthetic with a swinging screen makes it a peculiar yet trendy choice.

You can find Dutch iron entry doors with glass paneling throughout or only fixed glass in the upper portion.

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