Escape rooms through the years – How technology peaked its scope

Escape rooms have been a staple ever since it was first founded in the year 2007. Although a rather new concept, this idea is almost genius considering the fact that you literally get to experience a scenario you would only find in movies. When SCRAP came up with the first-ever escape room, it was only a 5-6 player game performed in a single room. Now, SCRAP is known to host escape game events that accommodate thousands of players in a shared space.

Believe it or not, technology has a huge part to play in any sort of development, including escape rooms. From cheap props to movie-esque layouts, technology has surely escalated the rapid growth of the escape room industry. With that said, here’s how technology peaked the scope of escape rooms through the years. 

Escape Rooms History 

Since the first escape room was introduced in Japan by SCRAP, the concept of escape rooms has grown tenfold through the years. There are over 10000 escape rooms in the world right now! 

Escape rooms were originally inspired by video games. The owners wanted players to experience a sort of real-life gaming adventure that made the people feel like they were stars in the show. 

How technology has helped escape rooms?

There is no denying the fact that technology has played a key part in the development of the escape room industry. The earliest of escape rooms weren’t particularly tech-friendly, so to speak. 

Innovation has, however, helped create drastic and crucial improvements to escape rooms. 

Here is a list of some major breakthroughs in escape rooms due to the help of technology: 

1.      Online info: 

In the current age of the internet, many are taking to their browsers to analyze data available carefully. Thus, escape rooms have found a way to glorify their online presence and visibility. Key to any online entity is user interaction, and on many escape room websites, users are free to comment on their experience and rate the rooms, giving the company a human touch. 

Because of the internet, if you have ever wondered if a certain escape room brand is suitable for your needs, you need not worry as the solution is just a few clicks away. On the internet, if you look up the brand name, you will get more than ample information about the brand, the rooms offered, the price, and many user reviews to go off of. 

2.      Online bookings

A few years ago, booking an escape room was a hassle. But, since things have become more technological and online, one benefit that both businesses and customers have received is online bookings. 

If you are interested in a particular escape brand, simply search for its name on the internet, and you will be provided the necessary information with regards to booking timings, slots available, timings, and so on. 

You can also go to the booking page and assure your presence at the venue by reserving a spot. Furthermore, you can also read any rules and regulations to further scrutinize the compatibility of the brand. 

3.      Enhanced experience

An immersive and unique gaming environment has been made available to players through technological upgrades. Certain specific aspects, such as; lighting and sound, have definitely increased the quality of escape room experiences. 

Many escape brands have also invested in high-tech gadgets to make the experience even more enhanced. Users can easily just put on a headset and improve their gaming experience even more. 

The introduction of VR has also left the world in awe. VR in escape rooms has enabled brands to provide experiences to players while they are sitting at home with their loved ones! 

4.      Accessibility

The best part about technological upgrades in the escape room environment is the fact that people from across the globe can experience the thrill. Many companies have started providing virtual birthday celebrations that have won the hearts of many fun-seekers. 

All a player needs to participate in a virtual adventure is a stable internet connection and a smart device such as a laptop or PC. The best part about this is that there are multiple escape room brands that provide virtual experiences and you, as a customer, are free to pick between any room of your choice! You get greeted by a host and are facilitated throughout your experience. 

5.      Graphics and other effects: 

Who says that technology makes things faker? They have, in fact, taken the virtual gaming experience to a whole new level with how realistic the scenarios are. Many aspects such as; sound, storyline, or animation have contributed to making the user feel more and more like a protagonist in a cool action movie. What more does a person want than a game that literally revolves around them? 

These graphics and effects are much more appreciated by players, especially in different themed games such as; murder mysteries and horror games. 


It pretty much goes as a no-brainer that since the first escape room was introduced, the concept has come a long way in providing more fun and authentic experience for people who enjoy being in the games themselves. 

With every new technological advancement, users get to experience something new with escape rooms. In conclusion, it is fair to say that escape rooms have adapted really well to the tech-savvy lifestyle lived by many today. 

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