Ways to Use Videos to Drive Conversions to your travel business

We all want never-ending traffic to our business social media pages and websites. After all, having more people involved means you have the potential to win more conversions. Most companies try to use different online marketing strategies to increase traffic and conversions, but they tend to stick to a few ways. Companies also believe that SEO articles and photos are sufficient to attract loyal customers.

What is success in SEO?

That depends on your objectives. From our experience dealing with businesses, the most important KPIs are nearly always organic traffic, the number of keywords ranked for and leads and sales. Our track record includes increasing our clients’ website revenue. With our no-contract SEO services, our agency’s success is determined by these three crucial KPI categories:

  1. Conversions: (Leads and Sales Transactions)
  2. Domain Growth: (Authority Growth)
  3. Website Metrics: (Organic Traffic and Number of Keywords Ranking For)

Example Domain

This domain is for use in illustrative examples in documents. You may use this domain in literature without prior coordination or asking for permission.

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However, different types of videos need to be used at different times so that viewers can connect to your product or service, especially when it is about travel. The needs of new prospects in the travel arena are very different from those of existing customers. Plus, video content is important to your travel business as people spend 88% more time on websites with videos.

7 Ways to Use Video to Drive Traffic and Conversions for Your Travel Business

1. Make creative video content

Unlike photos and written content, video can ignite viewers’ emotions. Don’t waste this opportunity by posting mediocre quality content. To create mesmerizing travel videos, you don’t need a lot of investment or the best equipment; instead, your smartphone and a video editor can be your best bet and also read this

However, you need to capture the most alluring moments, places, and people, because creativity attracts viewers and increases conversion rates.

Brainstorm ideas, use an extravagant color palette that is comfortable to the eye, use stimulating music, and enrich your content with wit and humor to significantly impact viewers and get them to come back for more. 

2. Onboard users with travel walkthroughs

Make sure your users have a smooth, easy, and fun onboarding process. That way, the user may be with you for a long time. Before you start, take the position of a first-time user.

Select the right area of your business – whether it’s hospitality, travel, tourism, or a simple interaction with people and take a screen capture. Find similar online content creators to become familiar with travel walkthroughs.

3. Create videos that answer customer questions

The customer is the king, and to service them or address their curiosity about places and people should be a top priority for your travel business. Travel companies that provide excellent customer service always attract loyal buyers who frequently use their suggestions, travel portfolios, products, and services. An effective way to serve customers with services is to:

  • Create a video or video series on frequently asked questions and answer the questions buyers or potential buyers have about your product.
  • Encourage customers to ask questions or post in the comments section of the customer service video.
  • You can later select related questions and create a video to answer them. Such videos attract visitors and help them find answers.

4. Assist customers with screencasts

Screencasts are screen captures from your mobile phone or laptop. You can record screencasts and spruce them up with an online video editor to create how-to videos and travel videos for your customers.

If you want to showcase an exotic location and want people to learn about how to reach there or the top 10 places they can visit, it can be hard to explain in words without showing them. This is where screencasts come in.

You can show them exactly what you want them to see, and the viewers will thank you forever. People love screencasts because they can visually enhance their knowledge about people and places.

5. Stream live broadcasts

Live broadcasts about travel are awesome for lead generation, audience engagement, and conversions. Celebrities and influencers always use this method to connect with their fans.

You can try live streaming, travel promotions, screencasts, or even brief discussions with people/customers about the travel industry. You can also answer questions on live stream broadcasts. This can result in a large amount of traffic that can actively drive conversions.

The best thing about live streams is that you don’t lose any promotional activity. You can also save the streaming video so that viewers can watch it again later.

6. Make your video marketing strategy more diverse

Travel marketers need to implement different types of marketing content to add diversity to videos in the marketing funnel. Here are some examples:

  • Customer introduction – These videos based on existing customers are valuable because they show a good track record with previous customers and at the same time clearly show what problems you can solve with your product. Get a real client on behalf of your audience. Your customers want to see themselves in your brand. It presents specific problems that your product can solve better than anything else, supports promises with evidence, and shows significant benefits.
  • Educational series – Such videos should be central to your overall content strategy. They are essential to help your prospects know all about your brand. Want to educate your audience about a particular travel domain? Think outside the blog. Instead of long written content, create short travel video series. In most cases, the engagement rate will be higher.
  • Travel Tutorials – Travel tutorials must be initiated to help existing, and future consumers understand the value of solutions and the benefits they bring. These can build trust with customers.

7. Retarget ads based on the behavior of video viewers

Potential customers come to your website, watch videos, and leave pages. Yes, it’s disappointing when it happens, but you must not lose hope. You can use the information you get from measuring video performance to set up retargeting ads and bring your audience back to your travel business. Retargeting is a fine-grained approach to delivering more relevant advertising content based on behavior. This will improve the customer experience.

Advertising retargeting helps drive leads through the marketing goal-achieving process. Simply link your video performance data, such as conversions and engagements, to your ad retargeting provider.

Whether you’re trying to reach an entirely new audience or retarget your video audience, your ad retargeting provider may share this data with third parties to create custom lists. When you’re done, you can create custom video segments based on these metrics. Video viewers will see ads across the channel, and it will encourage them to visit your site for more details.


Many of these strategies have been consistently tried, tested, and used by large and small travel companies. Digital marketing is constantly being driven by generating high-quality video content and exponentially increasing traffic to your website right now!

Moreover, a video is an effective tool for guiding prospects through the travel marketing funnel and an intriguing way to understand your audience. To get leads, focus on your audience, their preferences, and track KPIs while diversifying your video content and improving your lead generation strategy. Your travel business will certainly be rewarded for all that effort. 

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