Biggest News Stories Around Masters Week

The Masters is unlike any other tournament in sports and is one of golf’s most cherished events. Winning the Masters puts your name on a list of other great golfers to get it done. 

Betting on golf is almost as difficult as NASCAR betting, with some similarities in style. Below you can see the biggest news stories before you plan to make any wagers. 

Tiger Woods Makes Return to Augusta 

Tiger Woods is finally coming out of the blue with an appearance at the Masters. He has struggled with playing at a high level since his car accident in February of last year. 

For now, Woods has every intention of teeing off and making a case for another Masters victory. However, if he is not able to perform due to lingering injuries, he could potentially withdraw. 

The last time anyone saw Woods competing professionally was back in the 2020 Masters, when he placed T38. The year prior, he had won his fifth green jacket. 

The odds are against him and is likely one of the biggest underdog numbers you have ever seen on him. But it is Tiger Woods we are talking about here and he has a chance to tie Jack Nicklaus for all time Masters victories with six. 

Scottie Scheffler is from Another Planet

Scheffler has moved into the number one spot for the world golf rankings seemingly overnight. Jon Rahm was the previous number one, but has had ups and downs all season while Scheffler has been dominant. 

Looking at what he has accomplished, there are several top 10 finishes this year and three victories to brag about. Before that, he had never won a PGA Tour event, but recorded victories at the Phoenix Open, Arnold Palmer Invitational, and in a tough matchup at the World Golf Championships-Dell Technologies Match Play. 

The storm began brewing for Scheffler when he had a great performance in the U.S. Ryder Cup, which he claimed was what he needed to become a better golfer. With three victories on his first winning season, he now has a perfect opportunity to claim his first Masters. 

Rory Mcllroy One Win from Grand Slam

Rory Mcllroy is arguably on the list for greatest golfers of all time. He still has a lot left to offer for the sport and to continue proving he is a top player in the world. 

The only thing he is lacking is a Masters victory, which would complete the Grand Slam in golf. This feat has only been competed by five other golfers in history, where a golfer wins all four majors and a Masters in their career. The only current player with that feat still playing is Tiger Woods. 

Mcllroy has had plenty of close calls and days where it seems like he is the best golfer at Augusta. But, there is always one particular round that ends any chances of him taking a green jacket. 

Looking at this season, he has stayed fairly consistent and his game has alway translated well to playing at Augusta. Only a handful of golfers have looked dominant off the tee and move shots from right to left on Par 5’s to capitalize. 

He has slowly faded back on a favorite to win the Masters each year, as the market keeps remembering downfalls each time. If he can keep consistent each day, he has a great shot at finally winning the Masters. 

How to Bet on the Masters

The Masters has plenty of bets to go around depending on what you are in the mood for. Since all the top golfers in the world are competing, you could almost throw a dart at a list of names and that could be a good choice. 

However, there are some golfers that stand out in the field who have great history here. Golfers that have consistently met greens in regulation typically place well versus others. 

In addition, golfers that have excellent iron play and can make putts will most likely come away victorious. If any golfer is trying to figure these things out the week of the Masters, you will likely find them going home early with a missed cut. 

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