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Naplan (National Evaluation Program – Literacy and Numeracy) is a national evaluation for children in Years 3, 5, 7, and 9. Every year in May, over three days, schools all around Australia administer Naplan tutoring to children. For Literacy, the test covers grammar, spelling, reading, and writing; for numeracy, the test covers mathematics. All schools must complete the tests. The results will be compared to national standards, and they are used to track a student’s progress from one test to the next. This gives parents, teachers, government officials, and schools an understanding of assessing their children’s literacy and numeracy ability in a controlled environment. This programme assesses students’ reading and numeracy skills, which they have learned and developed through their school’s curriculum and daily interactions. It also gives the administration valuable information to identify flaws and capabilities in the educational plan and make necessary changes. 

What is the purpose of Naplan? 

Naplan tutoring is carried out for various reasons, including ensuring public responsibility for schools, instructors, and students. It is a national test that assesses a student’s literacy and numeracy skills at the testing date. This examination provides the government with information on how each school compares to national standards and compares to international standards. Parents can teach their child’s performance to national standards and see if there are some areas where the youngster could improve. Naplan’s results reveal which learning topics students have difficulty with and where they could improve.

Who must take the examination? 

Unless they have been exempted or their parents withdraw them from taking the test, all pupils in Years 9, 5, 7 and 3 are required to take it. However, because Naplan exam scores are included in certain schools’ student selection processes, it is essential to plan your child for it. This test, if aced, will provide your youngster with a commendable CV in the future.

What are the advantages of tutoring for your child? 

The Naplan exam gauges a student’s performance based on national criteria rather than passing or failing the test. Enlisting your kid for Naplan tuition as soon as possible assists you in identifying your child’s strengths and shortcomings, concentrating on specific trouble spots, and enhancing powers. Some children excel in language but suffer in maths, while others struggle in both areas. Your child will benefit from the personalised, tailored instruction he will receive in his private session. He won’t be bullied or disrupted when he can’t answer a tricky question; instead, he’ll be taught the complex subject until he understands it.

As his Naplan instructor is an ally, he would not be embarrassed to confess his challenges. They’ll work together to overcome his literacy and arithmetic difficulties. Your kid will be prepared for his average class while studying for Naplan. As there is a chance that your child may learn ahead of time, this will motivate and build confidence in the child to engage in his class. 

What is going to be tested? 


This test assesses a child’s problem-solving, reasoning, comprehension, and fluency in mathematical abilities: all covered numbers and mathematics, measure and geometry, stats, and probability.


This test covers punctuation, grammar, and spelling. This demonstrates their comprehension of reading and writing. 


To assess their understanding and control of written language, students are expected to create a continual text in three key areas – imaginative, informative, and argument. 


Memorising facts and cramming are only effective for a short period. Long-term knowledge is long-term because a solid education is a process, much like your muscles need a long workout to improve. It’s not something that can be hastened. It is best to begin Naplan for your child as soon as feasible.

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