Five important things to consider before moving your office furniture

Several thoughts arise when you decide to move to a new office. Some of these questions are linked to the type of furniture you use for your daily purposes. Questions about the perspective of the new office, the kind of furniture to use there and comparing that with the currently used furniture are common to come across your mind. Wholesale office furniture is always a good option. While there might be umpteen such questions, here are five key factors which you should keep in mind while moving your office furniture, and all of which have a ‘human angle’ to them. Never forget the standing desks

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Comparison of the size of your new and earlier office

Before moving out your furniture, compare the sizes of your earlier office and the new office setups. Given that work-from-home (WFH) culture has a wide acceptance now, and many people will not be coming to the office regularly, it is advisable to go for a smaller workspace than before. However, if you wish to have a bigger workspace than before by reducing WFH possibilities, it is also fine. You must use standing desks in home-offices.

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Space set aside for furniture

If your new office setup has a lot of unfurnished spaces, the tendency to cover them up with furniture might be high. Items like desk chairs, tables and cabinets might be used for occupying those unfurnished spaces. However, you should keep in mind that apart from covering the space with new furniture, there should be enough space for people to move around, socialize and stretch. Before moving your furniture, it is better to measure the whole office area and reserve the space for furniture at first. The concept of space sharing can be used in those offices which have diversified departments. For such extensive planning, we advise you to take the help of an interior designer or architect, who will help you a lot in space management and utilization. Draft a plan before execution, even if it is a basic one that can be monitored on your mobile phone. Always include a standing desk in your plan.

Willingness to spend on new furniture

When it comes to budgeting, it is good to be calculative. Neither go overboard nor remain too conservative. The costs involved in moving your furniture is a separate expense, which you will not want to raise by investing in new furniture items if it is not needed that much. However, if possible, it is good to invest in new furniture, even if in small amounts. New items in new workplaces set off new motivation to achieve new goals, and the new furniture might prove a perfect stepping stone for that. If you decide to buy new furniture, you can make a deal with the furniture supplier to optimally include transportation costs in furniture costs. If you are buying in bulk, you are open to having a conversation with the supplier for possible discounts. Include only those existing furniture that holds significance and still have a lot of life in them. With this, you will have a good balance of both old and new furniture and save costs optimally.

Significance of ergonomics

To keep your workforce fit, healthy and productive, the ergonomics of the furniture in use play a significant role. Traditional furniture items for the corporate world like desk chairs and standing desks should be ergonomic for use to leave you in a better state of mind, even during extended working hours. It is where investing in ergonomic furniture is a whole lot better idea. Yes, they are expensive at first, but they do yield better long-term results in keeping the workforce fit and fine, which results in higher productivity and profits. If your current ergonomic furniture wears out, try to invest in new ones.


If you are planning to keep the new workplace for a longer time, spending on new furniture is an even better idea, as you should avoid transportation costs again and again. It is advisable to buy new furniture at the time of shifting itself.


Moving your furniture might seem to be a tedious task at first. However, if done cleverly and optimally, it saves a lot of time, money and effort in the long run.

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