Fun Places to Spend the Weekend in Alberta

Alberta is often looked over when it comes to vacations: but it shouldn’t be.  This province has some of the most incredible cities and towns out there, with attractions that will keep you amazed and entertained for years to come.  

These are some of the most fun places to spend the weekend in Alberta, and why you should visit soon! 

Jasper National Park

There’s nothing quite like Jasper National Park.  Even if you’ve visited a dozen national parks, or you’ve lived in the mountains your whole life, you’ll still be blown away by the feeling of driving through this gorgeous range of land.

From the countless mountains that jut from the ground in sharp angles to the magnificent scenery and active wildlife, you’ll be blown away by every view you get.  Not only can you walk out onto a glacier, but you can take a bike tour, stay in a historic building, and enjoy drinking and dancing with locals in the town bar and club.  It’s a great time; you won’t regret visiting! 

Calgary During Stampede

Calgary is a town that needs no introduction: and its stampede is world-famous as well!  This stampede is a wonderful mix of concerts, exhibits, live shows, and even classic ranching and cattle shows!

You can take in some of the best food you’ll find, sit back, and be entertained for the whole weekend.  There’s no end to the types of events and displays you’ll see, so don’t be shy about seeking out and trying new things!

Parks and Recreation in St Albert

St. Albert is extremely underrated but has an incredible amount of things to do and see!  Spending a weekend here means getting a chance to get in touch with the outdoors, enjoy the Musee Heritage Museum, and take in perks like the Lois Hole Centennial Provincial Park.

There’s a lot to do and see here while also getting the chance to slip away from the cities.  Don’t be surprised if you catch yourself looking at St. Albert real estate while you’re in town! 

Banff During Skiing Season

If you want to get rid of any stress and enjoy yourself a little, it’s time to go to Banff during skiing season!  This national park has everything from a gondola that lets you ride from mountain peak to peak to saunas and endless slopes to enjoy.

If you visit during the winter, you’ll be amazed at how gorgeous the mountains are when covered in bright white snow, and you’ll love it enough that you’ll want to stay!

Skating and Fun In Edmonton

Edmonton has a lot going for it, but did you know it’s home to the largest mall in North America?  A couple or family could spend an entire weekend getting to know everything that’s within this mall, from a swimming park in the summer to a skating rink in the winter, with lots of fun shops, restaurants, and entertainment options to explore.

You can see live sea lions in the small zoo within the mall, as well as an aquarium that will wow you.  It was once the world’s largest mall, but in 2004 it was defeated, yet it’s still an awesome destination to enjoy! 

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