How To Activate DND In Jio Sim

How to activate DND in jio prepaid, With the assistance of DND, we can impede every one of the undesirable calls and messages going to our versatile number. 

Much of the time notice calls, messages go to the customer. Telecom Regulatory Authority of India brought DND features recollecting this. With the help of DND, any customer can discourage aggravating calls, messages on their number. 

The full kind of DND is “Don’t Disturb”. This part is available in every telecom association. On the off chance that you have a sim of some other telecom association other than jio association, then, you can order DND in that also.

To How To Activate DND In Jio Sim?

How To Activate DND Service In Jio: There are numerous techniques to how to activate DND in jio phones. I will inform you concerning a few strategies in this article. how to activate DND in jio by following any of the strategies referenced in this article.

How To Activate DND In Jio Phone Via Sms Or Call

It is extremely simple to how to activate DND in jio phone with the assistance of SMS. 

You open the informing application on your versatile. After this, send STOP 0 on 1909 from your jio SMI. For (how to activate DND in jio prepaid)

You can pick any number from 1 to 8 other than START 0. Sending each number impels different DND. Whichever number you will pick. A wide scope of bothersome aggravating calls and messages related to that field will stop.

START 0 = To see all DND choices 

START 1 = Stop Banking, Insurance, Credit Card, Financial Products approaching calls 

STOP 2 = Stop Real state approaching calls 

START 3 = Stop Education related approaching calls 

START 4 ​​= Stop Health-related approaching calls 

START 5 = Stop Automobiles and Consumers related approaching calls 

START 6 = Stop Entertainment, IT, Broadcasting, Communication-related approaching calls 

START 7 = Stop Tourism and Leisure related approaching calls 

START 8 = Stop food and refreshments related approaching calls 

Possibly you can initiate DND in Jio SIM by calling 1909. For this, you approach 1909 from your Jio number. What’s more, follow the means given on the call. 

That’s how to activate DND service in jio.

How To Activate DND In My Jio App Or Jio Website (Method 2)

How to activate DND in my jio app and Jio site stages is by and large something very similar. You can follow these means on both the how to activate DND in my jio app and site. 

Stage 1. Login to or Sign on MyJio App 

Most importantly login to the MyJio application or site with the assistance of your Jio number. 

Stage 2. Snap-on more choice and afterward setting 

After login, you will have the choice of more show on the upper left side. Snap-on the More choice. After that look-down and go down there you will see a setting choice. Snap-on the setting choice. 

Stage 3. Snap-on the “Don’t Disturb” choice 

You tap on the “Don’t Disturb” choice given on the main number in the section of the Service Center. 

Stage 4. Tap on “Set Preference” 

Snap-on the set inclination (alter symbol) given previously. 

Stage 5. Presently pick inclination and afterward click on Submit choice 

After this, pick which kind of calls, messages you need to obstruct, tap on the submit button, picking that choice. That’s how to activate DND service in jio.

Step-by-step instructions to deactivate DND in Jio Sim?….. 

It is extremely simple to deactivate DND on the Jio sim. You can basically deactivate DND through SMS or call. 

For this, you simply need to send it by composing STOP on 1909.

Either by considering 1909 and following the order of the PC, you can stop DND in Jio sim. 

Types Of DND

  • Partial DND

In Partial DND, we can initiate DND on at least one than one help. Similarly, as with the assistance of halfway DND, we can stop just instructive special calls or SMS, protection-related irritating calls, or SMS. 

  • Full DND?

In Full DND we can shut down a wide range of special, undesirable calls, or SMS. Full DND is far superior to halfway DND. 

Instructions on how to activate DND in jio

  • Login on MyJio application/ 
  • Click on more choice 
  • Go to setting 
  • Click on the Do not upset choice 
  • Tap on set inclination 
  • Choose inclination and tap on submitting choice. 

How To Check DND Activation? 

  • Go to site 
  • Write your versatile number 
  • Fill manual human test 
  • Tap on the “Snap to DND Scrub” choice 


So fellow’s in this article I have shared data regarding How to initiate and deactivate DND on Jio SIM?  I have shared a few techniques to enact DND on Jio SIM? I trust do you like this article “how to activate DNDin jio”.

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