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All about Naked Yoga: Benefits

Naked Yoga means that doing yoga without clothes has many benefits. In today’s article, we will know how naked yoga is. And what is the benefit of this, then read this article till the last.

Yoga originated in ancient and mystique India where those who gave up the worldly pleasures in order to dedicate their earthly lives to God and His praise; these holy people trained their mind and body to keep itself fit and healthy even through long periods of meditation when they hardly ate or moved this exercise has been passed on through generations and is known to us today as yoga.

Naked yoga has been going on since ancient times. We can also refer to it in ancient texts. In this century, the tradition of naked yoga is becoming quite popular. Especially in western countries. However, it is not yet in use in India.

Modern Naked Yoga was practiced because of a movement in Germany and Switzerland. Now there is naked yoga.

In order to see which one suits you, you will need to use one or two samples to exercise on to get a feel for the mat.

Choose a Naked Yoga Retreat 

A Naked yoga retreat would be the perfect place to unwind and relax your mind; leaving behind all the stress of your daily routine.

The Benefits of Naked Yoga

Yoga has been practiced for centuries in India by the holy men who practiced meditation for long periods of time and the only way to have all their body exercise without moving, through the power of their mind.

Doing naked yoga gives freedom from clothes. Confidence in the body increases. We are connected to ourselves in naked yoga. And love towards oneself grows. With naked yoga, you are able to see your body well, which motivates you to be proud of your body and abilities and enjoy it.

Nude yoga helps in getting rid of emotional huts. The practice of Naked Yoga inspires you to love yourself. Apart from this, naked yoga gives you strength, increase in energy, stamina, flexibility in body, improvement in actions of heart, breath, brain etc. Nude yoga makes one feel better mentally. And when we feel better mentally, we will also feel better physically. Nude yoga liberates us from the wishes of the people, opinions of others and any shame about their body. Doing naked yoga removes the negativity inside us and we feel good all the time. By doing naked yoga, your body, soul and mind become one. And you feel deep peace and amazing spirit.

Naked Yoga helps in reducing stress, makes your body relax and helps in better sleep. Naked Yoga regulates the flow of blood to all parts of the body. Improve body posture, increase body flexibility, help in muscle strength, helps in boost metabolism also helps in lowering blood sugar bad cholesterol and boosts good cholesterol 

Naked Yoga is the exercise or body and mind; through it one uses the power of one’s mind to control his senses and body muscles in order to tone and relax them. Yoga is complex and can cause serious damage if not practiced under supervision at least in the beginning when one is still learning.

There are many types of yoga and in order to learn all about them and see which one suits you and your style best, you should consider taking a class or better still, a yoga retreat as a substitute for your regular time.

Erotic Healing.

We come in all shapes and sizes, but society wants us to only be thin, buff, and hot. Heal your subconscious negative self-image with pure erotic acceptance of your natural body. Let our Goddesses unashamedly admire, and accept you.

Sensual Mindfulness.

In our busy technological world, there is so much information to absorb, it’s not hard to see why so many of us shut down, or shut off from our senses. But our skin is the largest part of our body with over 7000 nerve endings. Allow our beautiful Goddesses to reinvigorate you with conscious deliberate touch. 

Tantric Meditation.

This is pure unadulterated sexual awakening. Forget the usual run-of-the-mill 3-second orgasms. Combining yogic breath practices with whole body stroking and conscious relaxation without the pressure of ‘coming’ is a whole-body orgasm. Are you ready?

Poses you can try while Naked Yoga :- 

Side Fierce 

Quarter Dog

Wide Boat


Intense East


Knee Up Plank


Balancing Star


Important things for Naked Yoga

A yoga retreat needs to meet certain criteria in order to qualify as the right place to do naked yoga. Here is what you should look for in a yoga retreat:

* Location A naked yoga retreat is usually situated in a quiet tranquil place in order for participants to be able to practice most exercises, especially meditation.

* Trainers- The teachers and their levels of certification is a big factor because if the instructors are not qualified you cannot learn or achieve much.

* Time- The length of the yoga time can be a consideration if you have to take time off from work. Usually a naked yoga retreat lasts at least one week which is deemed as enough time for a naked yoga teacher to train your body and mind; after which you can feel confident to do it at home with a DVD.

Some useful tips for Naked Yoga

While doing naked yoga, keep in mind that do not do yoga on the other’s mate, it may cause infection. Always use your mate. Always take care of the surrounding area and your hygiene. Initially you will be ashamed to do naked yoga in the group but later you will feel good. If you are a male and doing group naked yoga and at the same time if there is an erection in your penis, then do not pay attention to it, keep your attention on yoga. If you are a woman and doing group nude yoga and there is an erection in the penis of a man, then you should not pay attention to it, because it is natural to have an erection. If you have recently had any surgery, do not do yoga now. Do not do yoga if you have pain in your head or back. When doing naked yoga, if you have severe pain in a pose or are unable to pose, then do not do that pose.

We hope you have cleared all the misconceptions related to naked yoga and you have liked this article.

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