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12 Tips to Make A Bathroom Beautiful on A Budget

Given the general reputation of bathroom remodeling, doing it on a budget seems a far off cry. Take a sigh of relief in knowing that however difficult it may be, a cheap bathroom remodel is possible. 

Provided that you have ingenious ideas, lots of creativity, and some skills on your hands, you can make it possible. And the best thing is that the change would be so evident, everyone would appreciate you on it. Despite all the notions spread by the popular home remodeling culture, you can transform your bathroom without breaking your budget.

Whether you are thinking of selling your home soon or not, a bathroom remodeling project is rewarding in various means. The most crucial step of any renovation is the make a plan and a budget. Prioritize your needs and wishes, keep a wiggle room in your budget for the unexpected and stick to the budget.

Here are 12 tips to make your bathroom beautiful on a budget.

1. Paint Your Bathroom Walls And Floor

The holy grail of budget-friendly renovations is nothing but a (or a few more) coat of paint. Be it your walls or bathroom floor, a new paint of coat can transform the entire feel of the space. It makes the place tidy and clean instantly.

 If you are renovating a small bathroom, opt for neutral hues or plain white. The lighter colors make space appear brighter and wider. Despite having less square footage, you can create impressive interiors.

If you have old and worn-out wooden floors, make this an opportunity to replace them with moisture-resistant tiles or ceramic.

2. Refinish Your Bathtub

The bathtub happens to be the center of attention of any bathroom. Make sure the attention happens to be on it for all the right reasons. If you see its paint flaking or spotted, get it refinished. Keep bathtub replacement the last possible option, especially when you want to complete the project within the budget. 

Refinishing can effectively remove cosmetic issues such as yellowing, nicks ad cricks.  DIY refinishing is an option for those who have limited budgets. If you prefer your safety, call in a professional for bathtub refinishing.

3. Repaint/Stain The Bathroom Cabinets

The bathroom cabinets take a lot of space and hence are very prominent features. If they are appearing old and frayed, you can request new storage cabinets. For some, buying and installing new cabinets is very expensive. If that is the case with you, repaint cabinets or get them stained. A new stain will transform the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. 

Installing fun wallpaper on cabinets is another option that suits lower budgets.  Another cheaper way to bring life to bathroom cabinetry is to install new hardware. Make sure the screw alignment of new and old hardware matches perfectly so that you don’t have to drill new holes.

4. Upgrade To Water Efficient Faucets

Though the faucets on your sink are small, they play a huge role in the functionality and curb appeal of your bathroom. Moreover, they contribute to water efficiency. Take this as an opportunity to upgrade your existing bathroom faucets with water-efficient ones. You can make a sink sparkle without replacing the entire vanity along with saving money on your water bills for the coming years. 

The upfront cost of these replacements may seem more as compared to the alternatives but if you look closely, it is a cost-efficient decision. Make sure the faucets are securely connected to the water heater.

5. Install The Toilet On Your Own

Doing some part of the renovation not only gives you a certain degree of control over what’s happening but helps you save a few bucks. If your toilet needs to be replaced, consider doing it on your own.

 If you have the strength to carry the toilet, avoid calling in a plumber. It is one of the easiest DIY projects for homeowners because it involves very few plumbing hookups. The hardest part is moving it from one place to another safely. If you can do that, it’s easier to fix it in its place.

6. Pay Attention To Symmetry

The aesthetic appeal of symmetry is never going to get old. Choose a focal point in your bathrooms such as an accent wall, a bathtub, or a storage pantry. It could also be your vanity mirror. Design the whole place around it. Play with the architecture of the space but make sure to have it checked for the building codes of your area.  

7. Install A Full-Sized Mirror

Whether it’s a small or a big bathroom, installing mirrors is a safe bet. If you want a sleek and sophisticated look for a luxurious spa-like experience, consider installing a full sized mirror on a wall. Your bathroom should be a place of style and substance and that’s what mirrors help you make. It gives an illusion of space and reflects lights making space look brighter and wider.

If possible, install a skylight. It can enliven the smallest of the spaces.

8. Add Statement Ceiling Lights

Bring in more light and more fun. Allowing lots of natural light in is one way to do it. Another sophisticated means to brighten up the bathroom is to install statement lights. These could be scones or hanging ceiling pendants. 

Make sure the handing pendants are high above so that they don’t touch your body or head when you are standing in the bathtub. Additional lights are useful in increasing the functionality of the space for kids and elders.

9. Buy Sleek Wall Mounted Storage/Vanity

Installing custom-made cabinets is not possible for every homeowner. A cheaper look-alike alternative is to buy sleek wall-mounted storage or vanity. They come practically assembled for DIY enthusiasts. For smaller bathrooms, you can find storage efficient designs that can be installed within a few hours. Typically, vanity units come in stock sizes ranging from 24 inches to 60 inches wide. Opt for coordinating counters which have sinks fused with them.

10. Get A New Shower Curtain

Sometimes all you need is a beautiful yet heavy-duty shower curtain to demarcate your shower place. This simple addition will save space for smaller bathrooms as it can be moved back and forth. If space is not one of your concerns, a glass shower enclosure adds tons of elegance to your bathroom.

 Shop around the shower glass contractors to get the best deals. Getting in touch with various service providers and comparing the costs is one of the key points to get an affordable bathroom to remodel.

11. Make Unique Tile Accents

The right kind of tile accents can accentuate the curb appeal of your bathroom. For most homeowners working with a limited budget, covering the entire walls with tiles is not an option. You can always opt for unique accents. Keep the colors bright and catchy for accent walls and no one would notice that tiles are few and scanty.

12. Bring In Air Purifying Plants

It is no secret that the bathroom indoor air is more likely to be contaminated. One easy way to make it cleaner is to bring in purifying plants. Greenery not only imparts a fresh look to your space but also deals with excess humidity.

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