26 Ways To Detox Your Mind| Love Yourself!

A new year and new beginnings. That’s what we all hope for. Amidst the winter blues and distressing scenarios all over the world, hope is that we must hold on to. It is the thing with feathers that perches on the soul and help us fight through the day. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with everything that’s going around you, take some time out to cleanse your mind and soul. The current pandemic situation has given us some extra time to contemplate our lives in a better way. Use this time to detox your mind and soul from all the negativities. 

Here are some simple yet highly effective ways to do it. Remember, taking the first step is always the hardest, what follows is more motivation and results. Love yourself a little more every day!

Dump Out Your Thoughts On A Piece Of Paper

Dump out all of your random thoughts on a piece of paper. It helps you organize them. Visualize them, sort  them for positive and negative thoughts. Don’t be afraid to spill out the random words and sentences bothering your mind. This simple 5-minute activity can do wonders.

Practice Deep Breathing

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Whether you are sitting or standing, shut off your mind for a while, and only focus on the air that you are inhaling in and exhaling. Feel the air reaching your lungs and coming out. Practice ten minutes of deep breathing every day.

Cut Out The Toxic People

Negative people can suck out the energy from their environment and the people living around them. Although it is great to try and help them but free yourself from their negativity. If possible, cut them out of your life.

Spend More Time The Positive Minded People

You are an average of five people you spend most of your time with. Choose carefully who you surround yourself with. Spend more time with positive-minded people. You will get a better perspective on life.

Read A Self-Help Book

Take out some time to sit back, relax, and read a book. Reading has been scientifically proven to help ease your mind about 68% faster. And you may get some incredible ideas too.

Declutter Your Room And Living Space

About 84% of people consider cleaning and tidying up a way to relieve stress. Declutter the space around you. Be it your room, workstation, or your house, getting rid of unnecessary clutter is extremely helpful for your mind.

Go Out On A Walk Alone

Getting in touch with nature is rejuvenating for your soul, mind, and body. Go out for a walk when you feel comfortable. It could be any time of the day or night. Its better to leave your phone at home.

Quit Social Media For Sometime

Various studies have proven that excessive use of social media can elicit negative emotions. Quit it for a few days, weeks, or even months. You would see a significant difference in how you view your life.

Swap Unhealthy Meals With Healthier Versions

You are what you eat. Swap the unhealthy meals with healthier versions to feel great about yourself. “Mens sana in corpore sano”.

Take A Good Shower 

Get a soothing hot shower before starting your day. It could also be an effective remedy when you are feeling tired or distressed. Fill the warm water with some drops of your essential oils to unwind.

Cook Something New  

Your cooking skills may not be the best but making something new always takes things off your mind. Include your loved ones to make it even better.

Learn A New Craft

Overthinking is not a disease in itself but an underuse of your creative power. Learn a new craft, use your hands to create something new. It is one of the best ways to detox your mind.

Devote Some Time To Yourself- On Daily Basis

It is essential to devote some part of your day to yourself. Talk good to yourself, repeat positive things about yourself, indulge in self-care, and simply be thankful for who you are.


No, you don’t need any particular skills or environment to meditate. It could be your couch, bed, or your favorite chair. Just close your eyes and focus on your breathing.

Plan A Solo Trip To Your Favorite Location

Traveling alone is a remedy that can do wonders for your mind. Make sure you are safe and well-connected to seek help when you need it.

Sweat It Out

Exercise. Sweating it out not only helps you get in shape but releases a surge of happy hormones every time you do it.

Leave All The Comparisons Behind

Comparisons are toxic. Stop comparing yourself, your partner, kids, or life with others and you will see a shift in your perceptions.

Listen To Calming Music

Listening to calming music is a remedy that can never go wrong. Search for relaxing and soothing music, close your eyes, and enjoy the beats.  

Treat Yourself with A Massage Or Spa

Treat yourself to a whole day of pampering. The best thing to start with is a full body massage.

Charge Your Phone Outside Your Room

This simple change of habit is so rewarding in both the short and long terms.

Limit The Screen Time

Set a limit to your screen time. Most smartphones have features that can help you put limits on the time you spend on the phone.

Include More People Time In Your Routine

Several studies have proven that spending more time with people instead of screens increases your longevity and quality of life.

Get in Touch With Your Emotions

Register what you are feeling and allow yourself to feel it. Ignoring your feeling is not going to make it better after all.

Ditch The Toxic Apps You Have Been Using

We all know we have some toxic apps on our phones that make us unhappy. Delete them right away.

Practice Mindfulness

Monitor your thoughts. Take back your control.

Forgive Yourself

You want to perform a miracle, forgive yourself.

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