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5 Ways How Poor Oral Health Affects the Entire Body

In your body the microscopic bacteria can enter because of periodontal disease in which recession of gums occurs. Poor oral health is responsible for this. If you are interested in having a healthier body then you need to regularly consult a dentist and at home also you have to take care of your oral hygiene. For the purpose of keeping away the growth of bacteria in your mouth, it is necessary that your oral hygiene is excellent and your immune system is healthy. For your complete body the gateway is your mouth. The health of your whole body gets affected because of your oral health.

Your oral health can get affected by a number of conditions

When the dentist evaluates your oral health then he can easily detect the oral symptoms of some systemic diseases. Your complete body can get affected by systemic diseases. The oral health will show some symptoms and signs of warning indicating that your health condition is not good.

You can see certain symptoms and signs in your oral health indicating that you are suffering from systemic diseases. Some of these systemic diseases are:

  • Anorexia/Bulimia – A discoloration in the teeth can occur because of the disorders of eating.
  • AIDS – The mouth can have mucosa lesions because of AIDS.
  • Disorders of blood – Bleeding in the gums can occur because of these disorders.
  • Crohn’s disease or Coeliac – Aphthous ulcers can occur because of this.
  • Osteoporosis – When the bones become brittle and weak then losing of the tooth and bone can occur.
  • Alzheimer’s disease – Deterioration of the oral health occurs because of worsening of Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Diabetes – Because of diabetes the infection resisting capacity of the body gets lowered. As a result of this the gum disease that is severe can occur more frequently.

Sjogren’s syndrome, rheumatoid arthritis, neck cancers and head cancers are some health conditions of different types that occur because of oral health.

An oral health that is poor causes a number of conditions

  • Premature birth – Sometimes birth weight can be lower and premature birth can occur because of oral health. During pregnancy it is necessary that your dental health is properly maintained. At the time of birth, complications can occur if the woman is suffering from periodontitis. So, we can say that the pregnancy can get affected a lot because of the oral health.
  • Endocarditis – This condition develops if your dental health is poor. It is your bloodstream which is responsible for this condition as between different parts of the body the bacteria travels through the blood. Several conditions that are dangerous can occur because of this and these can be the rhythm of the heart is abnormal, clots of blood etc. Basically, bacteria are responsible for this problem. In endocarditis an inflammation occurs in the heart’s inner lining.
  • Cardiovascular disease – Clogged arteries, stroke and heart disease are strongly correlated with certain symptoms like infections and inflammation that are caused by oral bacteria.
  • Infection in the gum – You can lose your teeth because of gum infections like periodontitis and gingivitis. Trench mouth can occur because of periodontitis. Periodontitis occurs as a result of worsening of gingivitis. The reason for gingivitis is the bacterial growth when in the middle of the gums and teeth the accumulation of plaque occurs. In the gumline the plaque can be removed if you brush and floss regularly. Gum disease that is severe can occur because of the formation of plaque that occurs by the bacteria. In addition to this it is necessary to follow a routine of oral care that is consistent. Without this the bacteria will not be completely washed out by the saliva.
  • Oral thrush – The oral thrush is basically a fungal infection which occurs if in your mouth even the saliva can’t control the growth of Candida albicans. Normally it has been found that the Candida albicans’ growth is stopped by saliva. The health conditions of various types can occur because of pathogens and for fighting these the saliva helps a lot. Your mouth remains healthy because saliva protects it from viruses and bacteria that cause disease. It fights the bacteria naturally. But sometimes the oral thrush happens when the saliva can’t control the growth of Candida albicans.

Some risk factors

If your dental health is poor then complications can occur and some factors responsible for this are as follows:

  • Periodontal disease and oral cancer can develop in your mouth if you chew tobacco or smoke a lot.
  • Oral cancer can develop in your body if you drink so much alcohol.
  • The chances of diseases and infections related to oral health are higher in individuals whose socioeconomic statuses are lower.
  • Inflammatory conditions, bacterial conditions and periodontal diseases can occur if your hygiene is poor.

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