Adrenaline rushed or crushed: 7 ways to tackle an escape room!

Are you among those people who love adventure? Does doing thrilling activities make you feel alive? And do you classify yourself as an adrenaline junkie?  

If yes, then Escape Rooms are just the right thing for you!  

What is an Escape Room adventure?  

An escape room is a real-life adventure game built on a specific theme, and the game room is designed exactly according to the theme to give you the feel of being in another world.   

In the rooms, you will find mind-boggling puzzles, hidden clues, and brain-teasing activities that will ignite your inner Sherlock Holmes! In addition to that, there is the nerve-wracking time limit that excites the players even more.  

These recreational games are loved by young adolescents as well as by mature adults because they are suitable for every age group.  

The games provide the players with an immersive environment that makes them feel as if they are living in that time and era.  

Escape rooms are an exhilarating activity that inspires out of the box thinking, makes you a better team player, and helps you perform better under pressure!  

Are you an adrenaline junkie?  

Are you the person who is deeply crazy about intense and thrilling activities that cause an adrenaline rush? Then, you are an adrenaline junkie! Adrenaline junkies love to do things like skydiving, bungee- jumping, scuba-diving, or potentially dangerous lines of work, such as emergency rescue or firefighting.  

Adrenaline rushed or crushed:  

Escape rooms are famous for causing an adrenaline rush due to the thrilling and adventurous environment they provide the players with!  

Adrenaline is a hormone that is released in our bodies when we experience any intense, stressful, or exciting situation. This hormone is responsible for producing the ‘fight or flight’ response. The void you feel in your stomach when faced with a stressful/intense situation is due to adrenaline.  

The situations that people face in an escape room at a birthday party and trigger the body to produce adrenaline that further secretes happy hormones that cause immense joy and pleasure. Due to this reason, adrenaline junkies crave adventurous activities and do exhilarating activities time and again!  

7 brilliant ways to tackle an escape room: –  

Escape rooms can be pretty tricky and are difficult to win especially if you are a first-time player! The stressful time limit and the difficult puzzles will make your heart race and cause butterflies in your stomach. But this thrill is what you are here for!  

If you are an adventure-lover like us, then despite all the challenges that escape games have to offer, you will be able to perform and win!  

So, before you begin your escape adventure, here are some tips that will help you crush any escape game and come out victorious!  

  1. Choose your room wisely:  

Escape rooms are based on a theme and have a story around which the game revolves. The storyline is the center point of the game. Therefore, while choosing a game to play, always pay attention to the story. If you are a person who wants to play a game based on 90s crime-adventure, then a sci-fi based room is not going to match your vibe. Also, if you are a tech-geek and you end up playing a game based on history then you will be disappointed. Hence, choose a room according to your taste!   

  1. Maintain the track of every clue you find:  

While playing the game, you will encounter a lot of objects and items. Some will be of utmost importance, while others will be useless from the game point of view. You must keep track of every clue you find and stay organized.  

You will end up saving a lot of time if you know which items have been used and which haven’t. Also, it is important to remember the sequence in which you found the items/clues.  

Some games require you to collect a bunch of items, and from that bunch, a code unravels that is the solution to a puzzle. In such cases, it is important that you know which items you have discovered and which you have not.   

In some rooms, one key can be used on numerous occasions. Therefore, always take care of the items that you find.  

  1. Your team should know how to co-operate with each other:  

An escape game is only fun if you play it with the people whose company you enjoy. If you are playing with a group that you don’t like, chances are you will end up having an intragroup competition, and therefore, it will hinder your fun. It is also essential that all members leave their ‘egos’ at the door as arguing over puzzles will waste a lot of time.  

Winning the game is great, but more important than winning is the fun time you had with the people you played the game.   

Another important thing is that all the members should have diverse mindsets. If all the members of the group think in the same manner, it will cut down your chances of winning as all puzzles require diverse skills. Also, all the members must interact with each other for increasing the probability of winning.   

  1. Have an open mindset while solving a puzzle:  

Some of the puzzles require out of the box thinking and critical thinking. The players often get stuck on a puzzle because they are looking at them from a single perspective. It is essential that all players see the puzzles with an open mind and don’t shut their brains to ideas.   

Brainstorming ideas might help the players if they get stuck in a puzzle. This will enable them to look at it in all possible ways and not restrict themselves to one way.  

  1. Don’t waste your precious time trying to solve a single puzzle:  

It is common to get stuck on a single puzzle. Sometimes the puzzles are tough and require your full attention and concentration. It is essential that you don’t get frustrated while deciphering them and give up altogether ‘or’ waste all your time on that single puzzle and lose the game!  

It will be better if you stop killing your time on that puzzle and move on to another. A good thing about escape rooms is that a lot of puzzles can be solved simultaneously, and therefore there is no need for you to waste your time on a single puzzle.  

It will be better that you go on to that unsolved puzzle later and look at it with a fresh perspective.  

  1. Trust your teammates and share everything you find with each other:  

Escape rooms are not about boasting off your skills or about an attempt to outshine every person in the group. It is about teamwork and communication!  

The game requires players to work as a team and communicate with each other efficiently. It is a crucial part of the game that you listen to everyone’s ideas and solve the clues together. It is important to let your team know what you found or what you can see. Also, sharpen your listening skills. Knowing everything in the room will increase the chances of winning, and that is possible only if you communicate effectively with your team members. Therefore, communication is the key element to win an escape.  

  1. Strategize and build sub-teams within the team  

If you are playing an escape room with your family or friends, then you can easily apply the strategy of “divide and conquer” to win the game.    

It will help you in deciphering the different puzzles simultaneously. Assigning a few tasks to every sub-group will increase the probability that your group will solve the puzzles before time.   

So, instead of focusing on a single problem together, they can be assigned to smaller groups. Some people can find clues, while others can contribute to deciphering them. It will make the game a whole lot easier for everyone and will maximize your chances of winning!  


Escape rooms are an exciting way to break out of your daily routine. After reading these tips, we feel that you are ready for your first escape adventure. These tips will help you to make a nice and clean escape!  

But remember, even if you lose, it is just a game, and games are not really about winning or losing! Don’t storm out in anger if you couldn’t complete the game in time. Laugh it off and enjoy the whole experience in general. It is especially important if it is your first escape room. It usually requires a person to play the game a few times before they can break out. Focus on enjoying the experience, and don’t let your overall level of happiness be determined by whether you win or not.  

Book today to enjoy your first escape experience with your near and dear ones and create loads of fun memories with them! 

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