Selling on Amazon vs eBay: which one is better in 2023?

Although both of them are authentic and worldwide popular marketplaces for selling goods and have a massive reach but they aren’t equal in all respects.  

In this article, we are putting them in categories in order to compare which one is better for selling: Amazon or eBay? 


Amazon and eBay, both are worldwide known but Amazon has higher popularity. Every month more than 197 million people across the globe visit, whereas, the total number of worldwide eBay users is 182 million. The more customer engagement you get, the more chances you have to sell your products. However, Amazon surely takes the lead here. 


While eBay is reputed as the marketplace of selling used items and collectibles, Amazon has a reputation of selling fresh and new products which automatically becomes the preference of the valued customers. Amazon with a good product reputation would most likely sell more products than eBay in 2023. 


Amazon has a super beneficial policy for the customers where the guarantee of the items is fully taken by Amazon itself which automatically gains more trust of the customers, whereas, buying goods from eBay is a little challenging because eBay does not have any such policy and customers have to verify the originality of the items from third-party sellers themselves. 

Due to this policy, the customers find Amazon more reliable than eBay for buying their goods which automatically increases the selling rate and definitely becomes more beneficial for third-party sellers. 


If we compare which marketplace has easier shipment methods then Amazon surely wins here. Due to Amazon shipment program, known as FBA, the sellers ship their items to Amazon and Amazon handles all the further shipment and storing of items. Although Amazon FBA is costly but it saves a lot of time and effort of the sellers. Whereas, eBay does not have any such option for the sellers but has a plan of launching eBay MANAGED DELIVERY just like Amazon where sellers will ship their items to eBay and eBay will take the responsibility of shipping across the globe but currently shipment from Amazon is way easier than eBay. 


When it comes to product management system, eBay has a terrible one. In some cases, the same product has thousands of listings which makes it super confusing for both buyers and sellers. On the other hand, Amazon has a super easy product management system. It has a single listing per unique UCP. Amazon allows only simple descriptions, plain texts and simple photos to make the listings easier. When you are looking to scale your amazon business, you can hire amazon account management company to manage your date-to-date task 


The customers have a higher level of trust in Amazon when making their purchases because of the customer beneficial policies. Amazon allows the customers to request refunds and returns in several situations. If the buyer is not satisfied with the condition of the item or there is a delay in delivery, the buyer can directly claim to Amazon if the issue is not resolved with the seller. On the other hand, eBay does not offer such policy. Except in few circumstances, the buyer is unable to return the item once the purchase is made. eBay lacks the trust of customers. 


The current net worth of eBay is $40 billion and Amazon has the net worth of $1.7 trillion – which is enough to convince that the selling rate of Amazon is way higher than eBay. 


Almost every item is available on these sites – both fresh and used. These sites have their own rules and regulations of what can be listed on and who can sell their goods.  

Amazon has an extensive list of more than 119 million top notch products that are featured on the website – out of which 4,000 products are sold every minute. Third-party sellers are allowed to sell various categories of products without any sort of restrictions. However, there are certain categories that are restricted to be listed on i.e., cigarettes, lock-picking and magazine subscriptions. To list such restricted items, the sellers have to provide some additional information.   

eBay also as a vast list of 1.1 billion products – out of which 81% are new and the rest are collectibles. Just like Amazon, eBay does not have a huge list of prohibited items. Even though eBay does not allow the sale of wine but the pre-approved sellers can list wine on the website. 


The products listed on Amazon are always fixed-price without any flexibility of negotiations. 

Unlike Amazon, eBay offers both fixed-price and auction-style listings. The buyers can bid on the items till the last date that has been set up by the seller. Different buyers make their offers and the sellers choose the best option. 


Due to the above mentioned categories and comparisons, it is concluded that both Amazon and eBay are worldwide popular marketplaces for selling top notch goods but they are not equal in every respect – they have their own pros and cons. If eBay has less competition for sellers then Amazon takes the lead of having higher popularity. If eBay has lower advertising costs then Amazon proves itself better by having lower selling fee. If eBay does not have a huge prohibited items list then Amazon is one step ahead by having more good products categories. Although both of them have their own benefits but there are few undeniable benefits of selling and purchasing on Amazon that are beyond comparison i.e., the refund and return policy, reliability of products, easier to ship with, easier to manage and lower selling fee. Due to such qualities, Amazon has gained the trust and loyalties of the buyers which makes it more preferable for buying goods.  

Hence, if you are looking for a better marketplace in 2023 to sell your products then Amazon is a perfect pick due to higher selling rate. 

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