Movies and web series are in total demand nowadays. People are preferring “Netflix and chill “ over going to a theatre for a movie. 

Why not..! If the same thing is available at the comfort of our home, why go anywhere else. 

Apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, SonyLiv, Airtel Xstream provides hundreds of movies and newly released web series. But with every pro there is a con. 

Unfortunately, these apps are not free. Excluding some movies for free, the others come only with a premium subscription. Which many of us can’t afford, above all other expenses. 

For people who have a middle class budget, it becomes hard to pay all the bills, such as internet bill, TV bills, mobile recharge bills, Electricity bills and along with other expenses, it just takes away the thrill to pay for these subscriptions too. If you took a subscription of say, Amazon prime, then too it’s really hard to take all the apps subscriptions. And in a certain app only a fixed no.of movies are available. 

And for the youngsters, who though want to watch these shows but don’t have any source of income neither the parents provide for such expenses, as they say it’s useless. useless. You can also watch safely through proxy-rarbg.org

You’re a teenager, and hardly make up your internet recharge with the pocket money. How are you gonna pay for these things as well. 

Well, no need to worry so much, there are many sites where you can watch movies and TV shows online for FREE… ! 

YES, you heard it right. 

For free.. !!! 

We have got a list of such websites for you to make your task easier, by telling you about those sites a bit. So as to solve your problem. Try out these sites today and chill with the movies and hows. 

So, what are we waiting for..? 

Let’s dive into the details. 

  1. YouTube – Yes,  the one you spend hours on. Though it doesn’t have all the movies, like the ones recently released, but you can still find hundreds of movies on YouTube for free. To save data, download a movie at the end of such a day when you couldn’t use your complete data. At such a when  night you see, you haven’t used even half of your daily data, and after some time it’s going to renew and your data is going to be in waste. Don’t waste it, download a movie, and watch it whenever you have free time, without any hustle or tension of high data usage. 
  2. Kanopy- There’s this website and also they have an app, which you can easily download on your Android or iOS device, and stream movies and documentaries for free. It has over 30000 documentaries,  classics and Indian Films. You just need to create an account with your email address, and a password, and you’re ready to go. Enjoy… ! 
  3. Popcornflix – it’s a free in-demand site which is completely legal and you can watch movies and TV shows here for free, without the hustle of monthly subscriptions. It inserts some advertisements as it doesn’t have any subscriptions but it’s very relevant to watch without paying. It continuously keeps adding and removing it’s content so that you can stay up to date on your show. 
  4. Vimeo – it has some subscription plans, but it also has a basic free membership, where you can watch your favorite movies and series only with a data connection. But it has limited it’s usage to only 500MB per week. But still you can use it, as it’s free and also legal. You can atleast watch one show per week, along with using other sites. 
  5. Vudu – It allows you to access thousands of movies and shows for free. You can search for your titles on the site and access them for free with limited ads. It is owned by Walmart. 
  6. Internet Archive – it is a service that provides, universal access to books, music and movies. However it’s not safe to download any software from there. But you can still use it for eBooks and movies. 
  7. Pluto TV – it’s a television streaming app by ViacomCBS. It has over hundred of live channels and their content for free with commercial breaks. So drop in and access them. It’s completely safe and legitimate. However it doesn’t have any parental control, so make sure to keep it away from children to keep them away from any inappropriate content. 
  8. Crackle – you can watch movies uncut and unedited from your favorite genres such sd Sci-fi, horror, fantasy etc. It’s owned by Sony so you’ll mostly get their contents too. 
  9. Tubi – it’s not unlike Netflix and the other apps, the only thing is that you’ll have to watch some ads. But in exchange with that you get the content for free right..!? So what more. Go and try out 
  10. Hoopla- it’s an service where you can rent, movies, audiobooks and musics. It’s free for the members of libraries that has an access to them. But if you’re not Among them than you have to pay a charge in order to rent it. But the charge is very reasonable. 
  11. MoviesJoy – this allows you download the movies for free in HD quality. You can stream movies with English and Spanish subtitles and shows in HD. There are over 200000 videos there for free. Go and explore them now. 
  12. IMDb Tv – It has it’s content for free. You can stream videos and movies for free on your device using this site or app. It is ad-supported and completely reliable. 

So, here were the list of 12 apps and sites that you could use as an alternative and can stream you favorite movies and TV shows online.

Still here…!?

What are you waiting for till now… .?  

Go and Chill with your free movies and content. Comment down your views and experience and if you have any other such alternatives. We’d be glad to read. 

Thank you for reading and hope this article helped you with your confusion. 

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