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What are the risks of eating cantaloupe if you have diabetes

Know how much cantaloupe is safe for a diabetic 

There is no one agreement on medical experts on the quantity of cantaloupe or sapota that is safe for a diabetic person. But medical doctor agree that small quantity is safe. For a person with higher blood sugar level, the consumption of sapodilla will be dangerous for health.

Sapodilla is a sweet and delicious fruit low in fat, sodium and cholesterol. It is considered a good source of vitamin A C, besides potassium, minerals and protein. Small serving is a safe limit for a diabetic person.  But before even taking small serving, the medical guidelines should be followed. A diabetic person must know the level of sugar in bloodstream, and possible implications of eating sapodilla. Diabetics also have to take the care of the physical and erection health. With uncaring attitude towards diabetic condition, the chances of erection issue also emerge.  

Know the safe limit of sapodilla serving 

Doctors agree that sugar content of sapodilla also known as cantaloupe can be dangerous for a person already facing high sugar levels.  Some medical experts warn that there is no particular need to take this fruits, when other fruits with less harmful impact on blood sugar level are available. 

But it is also accepted that fruits in moderate quantity will never harm even a diabetic person. The moderate quantity should be taken with necessary gaps to prevent sudden spike in sugar levels. Medical consultations with the doctor will help the diabetic person to know the right quantity or serving per day. In case of higher sugar levels, it is a wise thing to leave this fruit and try something else, which is less harmful. Again, the doctor suggestion or nutritionist’s guidelines should be adhered to.

Medical examination and consultation will also reveal the extent of damage to erection process. If a diabetic male feels that his erection process is affected, ushealthcarepharmacy medical team suggests a higher 200 mg Sildenafil Citrate  dose to overcome the extreme weakness in erection. The team assesses the medical status, current erection degree and satisfaction level from lower doses to prescribe this higher dose.

In case the desire for sapodilla is strong and one cannot leave without fruit serving for too long .There are some conditions and caution that need to be kept in mind. First is the serving size. Keep the size small. It may not be able to satisfy you totally, but it should be able to stop your craving for the fruit. Just one sapodilla or maximum two are enough in one serving.

Second is timing of the servings. Use the timing between meals for fruit serving. Instead of unhealthy snacks, use fruit serving for a healthy snack. Avoid eating immediate after a meal, as it may spike up the sugar level in blood.

Sapodilla has a higher GI 

Glycemic index ranking of foods based on their blood sugar levels risks from 1 to 100.  Sapodilla has a higher GI score, which makes it a risky for a person with already high blood sugar levels. The higher GI fruits also are absorbed quickly in bloodstream. A diabetic should take a low GI fruit. The GI of sapodilla has a high rank, which is not good for diabetes. 

Sugar content is 16 gm of 60 gm in sapodilla makes it one of the highest sugar rich fruit. Medical consultations are needed for a diabetic person.  If the quantity of fruit is on higher side, the diabetic person will see higher sugar levels in blood. 

Sapodilla also has high calorie content besides higher sugar content. The diabetic person with higher bloodstream sugar levels should avoid sapodilla.  

Check deterioration of diabetes to prevent erection issue 

Diabetes is mother of health related issues. It deteriorates the condition and functioning of several vital organs of the body. It damages blood vessels and reduces blood flow. The efficiency of the heart is impacted adversely. The health of liver and kidney suffers. A man also faces the erection issues. The higher erection issue is total loss of erection. Doctor of Ushealthcarepharmacy prescribed Levitra 60mg, a higher dose to overcome erection difficulties. It is prescribed when the male fails to see any result from lower doses. Some guidelines and precautions are also listed to make the experience safe.

So, there is convergence of medical views that sapodilla has high sugar content and it should be avoided by a diabetic person. If the craving for fruits is strong, then take small quantity once a day to satisfy the craving without indulgence. 

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