Finding The Perfect Jewelry of Larimar

Larimar jewelry looks irresistibly beautiful and surely makes you stand out of the crowd. Giving an incomparable look and feel to the wearer, this blue-colored jewelry, undoubtedly, adds an X-factor to one’s personality. If you haven’t bought this jewelry before and are planning to do so for the first time, it is interesting and beneficial to know about the gem – Larimar.

Finding Perfect Larimar Jewelry – Cut, Color & Clarity

Remember, Larimar is one of the rarest gemstones. Many of you might not be knowing that It comes from just one place on the Earth – The Dominican Republic in the Caribbean region. As the gemstone used to appear on the shores of the Caribbean, it is popularly known as the Caribbean stone too. However, it is not an ocean stone but a volcanic gem as Larimar got formed due to volcanic activity. Known by few other names too, like, ‘The Atlantis Stone’ or ‘The Dolphin Stone’, this astonishingly beautiful stone is revered all over the world for its wonderful beauty, color and qualities. 

Now let us discuss the color, cut and clarity of this gem that will help you pick up the right piece in the Larimar wholesale gemstone jewelry range. 

  • Color – The presence of copper inside the gem is the main reason behind the lovely blue shade of this gem. Larimar is found in several shades of blue including light blue, greenish blue and bright blue shades. However, the intense blue shade, also known as the volcanic blue, is considered as the best color in Larimar gemstones. The vivid blue colored Larimars are rare to find and demand a very high price. Larimars with dull blue shades are considered of lowest grade in quality. You can notice a unique white marble kind of swirling pattern in this gem. This white pattern is found in every Larimar gem. 
  • Cut – The Larimar gemstones are often cut into cabochons and are found in various shapes and sizes in the market. Though, one should be very careful while buying this gem because synthetic and fake Larimars are also available in the market. 
  • Clarity – The white patterns are present in every Larimar gem but the gemstone is mainly opaque. Though, you can also come across slightly transparent Larimars too. But the ones that are opaque and portray lovely bright and dark blue color are the one that fetch maximum value and price.

Significant Points to Remember While Buying Larimar Jewelry

This gem is often set into precious metals like silver, gold and rose gold. The most common and forever-hit combo is silver plus Larimar. Hence, the range of Larimar handcrafted silver gemstone jewelry is quite extensive and attractive. Ensure picking a safe and protecting setting design for your Larimar jewel as you would definitely want to protect your rare and precious gemstone! Though, you can come across many beautiful wholesale gemstone jewelry ranges, you should ensure buying Larimar from the most authentic sellers.

 It is worthy to mention once again that Larimar is a rarest of rare gemstones and till now, only one mine of the gem has been found which simply means that this gem is available in a limited amount. The jewelry and gemstone aficionados hope and pray that we discover more sources of this beautiful gem in the near future but till then, we need to value, protect and cherish the gems that are available now. 

Buy beautiful Larimar jewelry like larimar sterling silver rings, earrings, pendants  from the most reliable sellers and online stores. It is best to have someone (experienced in the gemstone and jewelry field) by your side when you shop for your favorite Larimar jewel!

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