Things a Gamer Should Consider Before Building a PC by Computer Part Picker Site

About a decade ago, the concept of “gaming PC configuration” was still quite vague for the vast majority of gamers, at that time going to the Net shop, just in front of the door was a sign saying “Strong configuration, terrible, battle every game” is that we can jump in right away without thinking, because if we don’t jump in quickly, the machine will run out.

In the minds of gamers at that time, having a computer was good to play, and very few people had the research or knowledge about the hardware components in a gaming PC configuration. Now-a-days it’s not same as before, gamers have to collect information regarding PC building & PCbuilder is here for this purpose.


Must be the right brand, for example Intel CPU must be installed with Intel Motherboard, similar to AMD CPU must be installed with AMD Motherboard. You should choose the correct Socket, for example, with Intel, the Socket 2066 CPU must be installed with the Mainboard with Socket 2066, or if the Socket 1200 CPU, you must choose the Mainboard with the same socket, with AMD, from the launch of the CPU in 2017 until now they keep the same Socket AM4, so we can more easily choose the Mainboard. Determine your needs clearly, in choosing a Mainboard with 2 slots or 4 Ram slots, because if you choose 2 slots, the upgrade ability will be very limited.


Same as Mainboard must be the same brand (Intel CPU with Intel Mainboard, AMD CPU with AMD Mainboard) and same Socket. Must Choose a “suitable pair”, for example Intel’s i7 CPU is a high-end line, at least you must use Main codes with the symbol B, or Z is better, if you install H410 with i7, of course still work, but in the long run, it will cause over-clocking, CPU overheating, crashes, component damage, the same applies to AMD.

Do you over-clocking? If yes, choose the Mainboard with Z or X code, because it will support that feature best, and have more plugs that provide more power for the CPU. Balance between choosing Mainboard and VGA. For example, if you use a low-end Mainboard like the H410 and install a VGA RTX 3070, there will be problems!


Choose a RAM with a standard suitable for the Mainboard, currently the most popular standard is DDR4 for Intel and AMD Mainboard lines, especially old configurations using DDR3 standard RAM, you must note this to choose to upgrade further. See the number of slots on the Mainboard, if the Main only has 2 slots, PC recommends that you choose 1 stick of 8GB or 1 stick of 16GB, so that you can upgrade later.

Aesthetically, that’s right, if your PC set is a multi-color combination, there’s no way you would choose a RAM set without a heatsink or without Led, make the right choice, because RGB is trending.

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